Our Family


It seems fate had set its path to me for our girl Cinnamen Rose. Cinnamen was born in March 2014 and is the sister of our previous girl Lily.


Sadly Lily had gone to Rainbow Bridge so I contacted her breeders, Ian and Reanne of Turangwaewi Kennels, to let them know of her passing. On their website was a photo of their then current litter with baby Cinnamen. I asked if another puppy like her should become available in the future could I please be contacted. As it happened the day after our call Cinammen's new owners returned her to Ian and Reanne. They then contacted me to say this little girl now needed a new home and so she became a part of our family.


Cinnamen has had 1 litter of puppies and was an absolutely doting mum but unfortunately weve had to make the decision to have her desexed


Bella (our Golden Retriever) was to be a playmate to Lily. Sadly Lily passed away the week before we were due to collect Bella.


Bella and Cinnamen are the same age with their birthdays only one day apart. They have grown up together and having two puppies has been quite interesting at times. Twice as much fun, and twice as much mess. 


Bella often comes to work with me at the palliative care unit where I work and spends time comforting the patients and their families. She even has her own hospital ID.



Our boy BJ is the latest member of the family. He is a beautiful well natured, very exciteable boy.  Born June 28, 2016 to Mum Cinnamen and dad Argo. Unfortunately, because of a hernia we are unable to put him to stud.



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Cinammen being cheeky